project deliverables

D6.3 – Integrated OPTIMUM Platform

December 31, 2016

The document accompanies the integrated OPTIMUM platform prototype, and traces the integration efforts that have taken place towards the delivery of the platform. Integration efforts include mainly the development of the technical interfaces exchange between the components of the platform. In order to facilitate a better understanding of the intercommunication between the various components, we highlight the functionalities of the OPTIMUM platform, broken down into functionalities provided to the two target platform end-user categories — namely, users of the OPTIMUM mobile application, and users of the OPTIMUM web application. Apart from documenting the functionalities supported and the information exchange among the platform components, the current deliverable contains the installation instructions required in order to set up the OPTIMUM platform and operate it outside the context of the project. Last but not least, the deliverable introduces the Software Quality Assurance Plan, the aim of which is to provide a single point of reference on the software quality during the course of the project. In the context of this deliverable, we define the software quality control and quality assurance activities that need to be carried out in order to ensure that standards, processes and procedures are defined and their execution continuously monitored and improved.