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OPTIMUM hits the big time

December 15, 2015

Since kicking off, the OPTIMUM project has been very busy.

At present, consortium partners are continuing their preparation of OPTIMUM research actions, through which several innovative ITS solutions will be piloted.

On October 5–6, partners gathered for a plenary meeting in Bled, Slovenia to address several important issues—such as use cases, conceptual architecture and specifications—which experts and work package leaders discussed at length afterwards.

Shortly after the plenary meeting, OPTIMUM made its public debut in front of the research community and several European institutions. The annual CIVITAS Forum Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia, held on October 7–9, turned out to be a great opportunity to showcase and present the project’s research concept.

OPTIMUM’s first Technical Meeting was hosted by Intrasoft International (INTRA), and took place in Athens, Greece on November 24–25. The first day featured presentations and discussions regarding each and every technical component comprising the project’s holistic architecture, while the second day was mainly focused on discussions regarding the data format that the consortium will need to follow per data source category, as well as on the development of use cases in order to demonstrate how each component inter-relates with other components.

The three use cases—i.e. pilot studies—focus on: 

  • implementation of a smart multi-modal transit concept involving up to 500 users in three greater urban areas (Vienna, Birmingham and Ljubljana);
  • development and testing of dynamic charging models for road use by freight vehicles, based on real-time conditions (using a fleet of 10 freight trucks in Portugal); and
  • development and testing of intelligent assistance for dealing with the complexities of multi-sensor environments and CAR2X communication for long-distance trips (involving a fleet of at least 18 motorhomes with full sensor setups).