Mr. Gregor Cunder

Celovska Cesta 160

1000, Ljubljana


Ljubljana Public Transport


Ljubljana's public transport company Javno podjetje Ljubljanski Potniski Promet d.o.o. (LPP) is the main provider of public transport, in particular buses, in the Slovenian capital. The company operates approximately 300 buses at city and intercity level, and transports up to 200,000 passengers per day. In order to provide modern, environmentally friendly buses that are accessible by passengers with reduced mobility, the company is actively modernising its fleet and related services by optimising schedules and by incorporating electronic payment systems, video surveillance, audio announcers, internal and external displays and the Telargo fleet management system. The company is involved in various projects and measures to encourage sustainable mobility.


LPP will provide data and assistance related to public transport in the city of Ljubljana, and will support the implementation of the local pilot study.